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"Having seen Lappin in several performances,

I am completely in awe of her range and ability"

- Fanbase Press, on The Devil's Bride​

Sammi Lappin Periwinkle.jpg

“…a powerhouse player both comically and vocally.”

- Fanboy Comics, on Pope! An Epic Musical

"I cannot stress enough the prowess and charisma with which actors Michael Cortez (Don John) and TU veteran Sammi Lappin (Allegra) find chemistry with one another and infuse the entire performance with their magnetism. [They] transform two damaged characters into relatable, compassionate, and enthralling lovers who find comfort and safety in one another. The palpable passion generated by these two performers is simply incredible. 

- Fanbase Press, on The Devil's Bride

“Lappin shines as the angst-ridden Diz. Her performance straddles the razor’s edge of devastated little girl and furiously confused teenager and her twisted outbursts come from real places of torment.”

– Bitter Lemons L.A., on Friends Like These

"Lappin has turned in many a fine comedic performance before now, and I'm thrilled to see her (as I have longed for) do drama.  The genuine torment of her Allegra proved fascinating to watch,"

- Night Tinted Glasses, on The Devil's Bride

“Completing the cast [...] is the delightful, curvaceous Sammi Lappin['s] sitcom-ready performance.”

– StageSceneLA, on Boy Gets Girl

"Sammi Lappin is so honestly vulnerable and charming, utterly without artifice, that you just want to give her Angela a hug and tell her it will be OK."

-, on Sleeping Around

"The bride atop this wedding cake is Sammi Lappin, whose subtle and marvelously still Allegra becomes the play’s center and anchor the moment she steps onstage.  Clad in black and headed for a nunnery, she nonetheless radiates irresistible charm and reined-in sensuality."

- Theatre Ghost, on The Devil's Bride

“Sammi Lappin - as the vulnerable, wavering, funny, strong Angela - stands out in a competent cast.”

- Cinesnatch, on Sleeping Around 

"These three actors [Lappin] not only executed extraordinarily heartbreaking roles with masterful precision, but - for anyone who has had the pleasure of viewing one of their previous roles with Theatre Unleashed - displayed vast range in their theatrical ability that should not go unnoticed.  [They] are certainly to be watched with anticipation as their careers continue to unfold."

-Fanboy Comics, on Sleeping Around

“Sammi Lappin sings well and has some particularly clever moments.”

– Stage Struck, on Pope! An Epic Musical

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