StarTripper!! season 2 out now: 

animation character
audio drama
The Bright Sessions

SciFi audio drama

Sammi guest stars
as troubled teen Rory in explosive bonus episode 5, 
The Bright Sides - Patient #2 

The Bright Sessions Website
Low Budget
Radio Show
comedy podcast

Sammi co-stars in these unedited, bite-sized
bits of nonsense

Low Budget Radio Show
SciFi comedy
audio drama

Startripper!! Website
Introduced in the season 1 finale, Sammi joins the cast of this award-winning audio drama as the snarky,  combative, 
intergalactic hero-for-hire, Serena the Sapphire Blade!

animatic pilot
Sammi's sarcasm shines in this energetic, anime-style introduction to a world of combat and adventure 
ars Paradoxica

SciFi audio drama

Sammi guest stars as Miriam Roberts in the emotional  episodes 
33: Home 
and 35: Tangent

ars Paradoxica Website
Scenic Byways

mythic fiction
audio drama

Sammi brings this
hauntingly beautiful, 

folklore-inspired episode to life in a guest start role
Scenic Byways Website
Too Beautiful
For This Planet

animated short
Sammi showcases her versatility through 
3 very different
character voices in this over-the-top short
Epic ACG Fest 2019 Laurel.png

animated short
sammi leads this
abstract short
as a neurotic
woody allen type