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StarTripper!! season 2 out now:

SciFi comedy
audio drama

Startripper!! Website
Introduced in the season 1 finale, Sammi joins the cast of this award-winning audio drama as the snarky,  combative, 
intergalactic hero-for-hire, Serena the Sapphire Blade!
Musical Theatre Character Songs
Six fully produced recordings spanning several genres, characters, accents, and vocal styles of Broadway


animatic pilot
Sammi's sarcasm shines in this energetic, anime-style introduction to a world of combat and adventure 
ars Paradoxica

SciFi audio drama

Sammi guest stars as Miriam Roberts in the emotional  episodes 
33: Home 
and 35: Tangent

ars Paradoxica Website
The Bright Sessions

SciFi audio drama

Sammi guest stars
as troubled teen Rory in explosive bonus episode 5, 
The Bright Sides - Patient #2 

The Bright Sessions Website
Character Reel
A collection of voiceover character clips...
...including a pigeon

Too Beautiful
For This Planet

animated short
Sammi showcases her versatility through 
3 very different
character voices in this over-the-top short
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