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Marnie & Nora
Short Form Sitcom

Sammi co-created and is the head writer  of this contemporary look into the hilarious struggles of two very different best friends. Tonally inspired by  Laverne & Shirley, The Odd Couple, and Friends, this goofy heightened comedy aims to relate to the daily struggles of Millennials who are trying their best and still failing.

Season 2 Premiered May 19, 2022. The full series can be found on YouTube 
The Way It Is
and the Way It Used to Be

Indie Comedy
Feature Film

Sammi co-wrote this feature with
producing partner Stephanie Gr
eenquist. A quirky roadtrip adventure, this film explores the complexities of navigating past and present romantic relationships through quick, witty dialogue and layered characters you root for despite their very human tendency to be assholes.

Film is in post-production with an anticipated release date of Winter 2022
The Disney B Sides
Dark Comedy
Short Play Cycle

Sammi has two pieces being produced in this love letter to the  darker side of Disney
Even Bad Guys Can Find Their Person celebrates two villains finding their unique brand of love together, and Be Topless or Be a Man offers two local women's frustration as an alternative catalyst behind Gaston's decision to save Belle.

Premiered May, 2022 in Hollywood
Disney B Sides
Boogie Brothers
Wacky Comedy
Short Play

This short play follows a pair of roommates as they concoct a slightly gross, though unique, plan to becoming social media influencers.

This piece is being produced as part of Theatre Unleashed's 2022 production of
25 Plays Per Hour, and premiered at the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival
Mockumentary Style Sitcom
TV Pilot

Co-written with husband Lee Pollero, this pilot follows an immature, inter-faith couple who finds themselves suddenly in charge of a Jewish cemetery. Delightfully offbeat characters set the backdrop for this semi-autobiographically comedic romp through death, marriage, religion, and growing up.

After a successful full table read, this piece is undergoing it's third revision
Cemetery Gravestones








Psychological Thriller/Drama
Feature Film

Co-written with the show's creator, 
Ann Hurd, this unexpe
cted and dark story follows multiple viewpoints down a sprawling rabbit hole, where everything is connected, and nothing is as it seems.

This project is deep in the writing phase with pitch deck to follow.
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